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A while ago, I had the pleasure of talking to two wonderful persons who held senior learning and development roles within government departments – we spoke about some of the challenges faced in building core competence and encouraging learning accountability within their organisations.

It seems that for some people, if they are not able to attend a formal, structured training course, led by a facilitator, they are not being trained, and their development opportunities are non-existent.

Did you read the title of this post and think, the author has flipped his beliefs on continuous learning?
If that was your first impression, you missed the point – literally, you missed the point.

I am a staunch advocate of seeking learning opportunities wherever and whenever I can.

Being time-poor and cash-sensitive is a situation many of us find ourselves in. We may not be able to afford the time, nor the requisite funds to attend formal training.

For me to develop personally and professionally, I consciously seek &seizeopportunities to find the gems of wisdom that are all around us should we choose to see them.

Has the availability and convenience of food in a supermarket/market, or goods delivered-by-drone or information at-a-click, dulled our hunter/gatherer instincts where we rely on someone else to provide for us, permeated our belief that someone else must provide the learning and if we hunt/gather information for ourselves, it’s just not the same?
Perhaps we should all go back to the basics and re-define what is learning, to ensure we re-ignite the hunter/gather spirit to build learning accountability in ourselves and in others.

Associate Professor Danny Simms

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