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Monday morning (or Sunday in some countries depending on the first day of the working week)I have found, is not the best time to try to call someone.

The beginning of the working week sees many workplaces holding a beginning of the week team/department meeting to discuss the previous week, and the week to come.

Depending on your industry or corporate values, you may start the meeting with a ‘Safety Moment’ to instil and reinforce positive safety behaviours and choices.

Some organisations may have ‘Financial Moments’ whereby they instil and reinforce positive and responsible financial behaviour – think before printing, carpooling (social distancing rules apply now in some organisations) etc.
Can I suggest that we also start each (weekly) meeting with a ‘People Moment’?

Let’s recognise the diversity (I refer to diversity as being the beautiful uniqueness) of our teams and the value each person may bring to the table.

Let’s identify an act of kindness, creativity, innovation, accountability, inclusion to start the week and set the emotional and behavioural tone for ourselves, our teams, our companies.

Just a thought!

Associate Professor Danny Simms

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