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Stop. Lifelong Learning

A while ago, I had the pleasure of talking to two wonderful persons who held senior learning and development roles […]

People Moments

Monday morning (or Sunday in some countries depending on the first day of the working week)I have found, is not […]


I used to take my daughter on Saturday mornings to her roller-skating lesson. I sat quietly with the other parents, […]

Leadership is a Mindset

My favourite book is The Magician by Raymond E Feist, a fantasy novel of the most epic proportions. The main […]

What is a Masters Degree in Leadership?

What is a Masters Degree in Leadership? The online Bachelors and Masters Degree in Leadership and Management from the University of […]

Master’s degree in leadership jobs

Master’s degree in leadership jobs Online Bachelors and Masters degrees in Leadership and Management are designed to ensure you are […]

How to Learn Leadership Skills

Can you learn leadership? Is it a skill-set that can be effectively taught, learned, applied and mastered? If you want […]