Online Degree Programs - Internationally Recognised - Learning for All


Not everyone is looking to complete a degree program- some may be seeking a specific skills and knowledge boost. We are able to offer subject specific learning opportunities as micro-credentials.

Rather than having to enroll in a 3-year degree, we offer you multiple entry and exit points that all lead to a micro-credential.

You can pick and choose your subjects to create a customized micro-credential, awarded by the University of Applied Research and Development.

All of your subjects contribute to our degrees, should you wish to further your study at a later stage.

Professional and Personal Recognition.

The Bachelor and Masters of Leadership and Management recognizes tthe nature, breadth, and depth of experience each students brings with them, and the time challenges this level of study may cause for some.

The program do not attempt to “fit a square peg into a round hole”. It understands that learners come in all shapes and sizes, and the curriculum is structured to create a learning plan and experience that fits everyone= Nam Omni Doctrina praesto (Learning for all)

This is a very inclusive program. It is founded upon the important, universal tenet : Everyone deserves the opportunity to study.

Our Degree program are designed to acknowledge, recognize and reward current knowledge, skills and attributes (SKA’s) of professionals, and to provide them with credentialing consistent with their SKAs and appropriate to their organisational level and management authority.

Students who have completed a recognised program of learning, with learning outcomes that match the courses of study, may apply for recognistion of prior learning (RPL)

Students with acceptable work experience, may apply for Current Competency Point Credits.

The maximum point credit that can be awarded is 75% of the total credit poiints for any programme.

To clarify : Upto 270 points credits can be awarded for the B.LM, and a further 90 Points must be gained through successful course completion to recieve the award of Batchelor.