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Leadership is a Mindset

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My favourite book is The Magician by Raymond E Feist, a fantasy novel of the most epic proportions.

The main protagonist is a young boy called Pug. Pug is a boy of modest magical talent that finds himself in an establishment called The Academy – the proving ground for wizards (much like a university).

Pug’s mind had been wiped on entry, and each day comprised of undertaking a series of tasks with many others, in silent obedience.(sadly, much like some places of study and workplaces).

Each day led to a slight improvement for each task, until mastered – then onto the next task.

Pug began to question who he was, and the purpose of his actions.

One day, he made a decision, approached his overseer, and spoke the words ‘This is no longer my place’.

With those words uttered, he was led through the door, and his life changed.

To truly develop as a leader, say the words ‘This is no longer my place’ – step up, believe in yourself, and become the leader you want to be.

Associate Professor Danny Simms

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