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Are You and Your Organisation Prepared for Current and Future Challenges?

The success of any business, regardless of industry sector, is reliant upon strong and effective leadership.

From developing and executing the company’s vision, planning for the future, managing change, and helping to cultivate productive and inspired employees, strong leadership and managerial skills help ensure business profitability, continuity, adaptability, and growth.

Industry 4.0 brings new and yet to be discovered challenges for persons in leadership roles.

The World Economic Forum has predicted that more than 1 billion jobs, almost one-third of all jobs worldwide, are likely to be transformed by technology in the next decade, according to OECD estimates.

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Did you know?

By just 2022, the World Economic Forum estimates 133 million new jobs in major economies will be created to meet the demands of Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Are You and Your Organisation Prepared for Current and Future Challenges?

As jobs are transformed by the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, more than 1 billion people will need to be re-skilled by 2030 – Are You and Your Organisation Prepared for Current and Future Challenges?

by 2022 – 42% of core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change – Are You and Your Organisation Prepared for Current and Future Challenges?

Are You and Your Organisation Prepared for Current and Future Challenges?

Our degree programs have been specifically designed to prepare emerging and current leaders to effectively guide and lead individuals, teams, departments and organisations through current and predicted future challenges.

These degree programmes have been developed by industry experts with decades of global, cross-industry leadership and managerial experience to help you to stand out, step up and become the leader you deserve to be.

Fast Track your Degree

Are you a busy professional with limited time to study?

Are you looking for a cost and time effective solution that allows you to earn an internationally recognised degree?

Are you looking for a study solution that recognises who you are and what you have done?

Fast Track your Degree - online degree programs

Our recognition process will allow you to fast track your degree, saving you time and money.

For existing professionals with significant professional history, an accelerated program is available.

Your existing certifications, qualifications, achievements and work experience are reviewed to ascertain your current knowledge and competency, and to identify knowledge or skills gaps.

Application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can fast-track your achievement of qualification, with up to 75% of the total point value for each programme able to be gained through RPL and current competency procedures.

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To support the personal and professional development of all students, included in their tuition fees are the following:

1Getting to know you – we really care about your success, and the first step is to get you know who you are and how best we can support you. We do this by:

a. Speaking with you and listening to what is important to you

Benefits for you – yes, we wish to have an actual conversation with every one of our prospective and current students to learn why and how you wish to study so together we can design the best possible learning experience.

 b. Profiling – through a series of profiling tools, we identify and benchmark your core characteristics and behaviours. Why is this important to you?

Benefits for you: Your characteristics and behavioural choices determine how successful you can be as a leader. Once understood, we help you to leverage these to make better decisions and to grow your leadership and management capability to reach extraordinary levels of leadership.

2. Behavioural development just for you

Benefits for you: based on your individual profile, we provide you with specific, curated behavioural development content; micro-learning and other self-directed activities that rapidly grow your behavioural competence. Your leadership confidence and competence will be noticeable to you and everyone.

3. Executive Coaching Sessions.Each student will receive up to 6 x 1hr coaching sessions per year with an accredited coach as part of their degree program studies.

Benefits for you: Executive coaching provides you with an opportunity to:

  • interact 1-on-1 with a professional business coach
  • Speak confidentially about your leadership development
  • Build your leadership competence and receive feedback on your leadership performance

4. English/academic/business language support. Our students are international, and have differing levels of English and business language confidence and capability.

Benefits for you: To ensure we hear your message loud and clear, and support your leadership speaking and writing confidence and competence, we provide unlimited access to an English/Academic language counsellor to review and provide guidance on your submitted materials, and to just have a conversation.

5. Competence Portfolios When you are asked in an interview for that perfect job, how have you identified, analysed, developed, led etc, we want you to answer without hesitating and provide real-life, extraordinary examples that leave your interviewers in no doubt you are the best candidate for that job. The structure of our degree programs blends foundational theory (appropriate to the level of study being undertaken) with practical outcomes.

Benefits for you: Upon graduation, you will have a significant portfolio of evidence to demonstrate to an existing or potential employer,  what you have done and what you can do.

Your Learning Experience

To maximise learning flexibility, our degree programs will be delivered online through a variety of technologies to support outstanding learning opportunities, that include:

  • Facilitator-led sessions delivered online through a webinar-style platform. This allows you plenty of opportunities to speak directly with our world-class facilitators, and other students to seek feedback, ask questions, share experiences, network and build lifelong relationships
  • Dedicated self-paced learning through our learning experience platform (LXP). For all of you early-risers, and stay-up-all-nighters, you have access to your learning resources whenever you need it.
  • Guided online discussion forums. Designed to capture everyone’s thoughts, share experiences, with the ability to review content, whenever you want. Participation in forums also adds to evidence towards a subject, and lessens the amount of traditional assignment-work required.
  • Learning tools that include e-learning, podcasts, e-guides, and dynamic scenarios that engage and excite learners. We recognise that everyone has a particular preference when studying and learning. We provide a variety of different learning experiences to cater for how and when you wish to learn.
Degree programs - online degree programs

Students must have access to a computer and a broadband internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to participate in online video conferencing.

Delivery will be in English. Students will be required to prove an adequate level of English skills prior to acceptance*. English language development and academic study support options are available.

To ensure we hear your message loud and clear, and support your leadership speaking and writing confidence and competence, we provide unlimited access to an English/Academic language counsellor to review and provide guidance on your submitted materials, and to just have a conversation.

Worry-Free Assessment

We remove much of the burden of mid and end of year examinations, often part of traditional degree programs, lessening your workload and, for some, examination anxiety.

In-class assessment is undertaken through an innovative and strategic learning model, Competency Gate Learning Model (CGLM©) developed by our internal Learning and Development team, that leverages response-ware and polling technologies to dynamically capture and measure current competence and behaviour in real-time throughout a training/learning event.

The advantage of this assessment model for you is it allows you to:

Answer questions anonymously without fear of embarrassment if answering incorrectly

Learn from the collective

Receive instant, accurate and dynamic feedback

Study Workload

On average, the time distribution will be as follows:

  • 2 x 2 hour live facilitator-led sessions per month
  • 4 hours per week self-paced study
  • 2 hours per week forum participation/assignment completion

Live Facilitator

2 x 2 hour live facilitator-led sessions per month

2 x 2 hour live facilitator-led sessions per month

Self-paced Study

4 hours per week self-paced study

4 hours per week self-paced study

Forum Participation /Assignment

2 hours per week forum participation/assignment completion

2 hours per week forum participation/assignment completion

Assessment Strategies

A range of assessment strategies are used to ensure our graduates are well prepared to lead in their industry. Assessments may include the following:

  • In-class assessment (CGLM©)
  • Forum participation
  • Group work
  • Video summaries
  • Share resource creation
  • Written assignments
  • Live presentations
  • Case study investigations
  • Research projects
  • Examinations
  • Whitepaper production

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for our degree programs are as follows:

  • IELTS score of 6.5, or an acceptable equivalent
  • Preferably a minimum of 5 years of industry experience

Adequate evidence of the above will required on submission of enrolment. 7020TEN and the University of Applied Research & Development and their delivery partners reserve the right to interview applicants prior to the acceptance and to follow up with employers to verify work experience.


The University of Applied Research & Development (UARD) is an NOCN & ONE AWARDS approved institution. NOCN is a United Kingdom Awarding Organisation licensed by Ofqual and One Awards is QAA approved to develop, endorse and award qualifications Levels 1 to 7; both organisations are part of the NOCN Group. 7020ten manages the Leadership & Management faculty of UARD.

NOCN is a market-leading international Awarding Organisation (AO) and Government-approved End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO).

One Awards offer Access to Higher Education Diplomas, Accreditation services and training to learning providers, licensed by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and, as part of the NOCN Group, One Awards deliver services on behalf of NOCN, one of the UK’s leading Awarding and Apprenticeship Assessment Organisations.

The Bachelor and Masters in Leadership and Management are internationally recognised degree programs accredited by the United Kingdom (UK) National Open Colleges Network (NOCN) and One Awards – Be assured, your degree has meaning and value internationally.

Enrolment Process

How to Apply


Choose your program by downloading the course brochure : information here.  Make sure to check the entry requirements listed on your chosen program.

Do you need help with choosing a program or unsure about entry requirements?

Contact our Education Counsellors by submitting this Enquiry Form or  click schedule an Appointment to book a free consultation.

If you have studied at another college or university, you may be eligible for a credit transfer towards your new academic program with us.

For more information, kindly contact us at  or click Enquire Now


You will receive a Letter of Offer with the stated requirements for entry into your program.

Within 7 days of receipt, you will need to sign the Letter of Acceptance and send it back, together with the required documents and agreed program fees.

You will receive a student ID, orientation details, welcome pack, lecture schedule, and access to online studies. It’s that easy.

Scholarships are available. Please contact our Education Counsellors for further information – click here