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Capability and Culture Consulting and Development

Our degree programs have been specifically designed to prepare emerging and current leaders to effectively guide and lead individuals, teams, departments and organisations through current and predicted future challenges.

Our degree programs take into consideration not only contemporary research by peak bodies such as the World Economic Forum, but also our own vast experience in international capability and culture development.

7020TEN, as a thought leader in capability and culture development, incorporates its own research and tools into all of the degree programs, significantly enhancing the relevance and contemporary nature of content and its practical application for students.

For organisations seeking the answer to ‘How best can we develop our capability and culture?’, our response comprises the following main steps/stages:

  • Capability and Culture Identification
  • Capability and Culture Mapping
  • Capability and Culture Development

We leverage our trademarked and copyrighted intellectual property to ensure we identify the lead indicators of success and help you to achieve sustainable results.

  • Your Compass Management®
  • Capability Development Mapping Methodology (CDMM)© trademark under review
  • The X Minute Principle© trademark under review
  • Organisational Growth Equation ©
  • Competency Gate Learning Model ©

Behavioural Profiling and Culture/Capability Development

To support individual and organisational culture and capability growth, we have partnered with REACH Ecosystem, an evidence-based, behavioural profiling solution.
If you are:

  • An individual seeking a way to identify for key traits and behaviours
    Seeking to rapidly develop your behavioural and/or leadership capability
  • Working in People & Culture/HR etc and need an efficient, cost and time-effective, training needs analysis solution
  • A Manager/Business Owner seeking to identify the Culture, collective Capability, and/or Corporate Identity of your organisation
  • Seeking a rapid return on investment and a sustainable result for your teams/department or organisation;

We have the solution.

Our solution provides:

  • A user-friendly, user experience (UX). 96 questions with an average completion timeframe of 12 minutes


  • Individual self-assessments, and leadership-level 360 profiling options
    Custom grouping (teams, organisational – leadership levels etc)
  • Identification of individual and group behavioural strengths and development areas
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA) linked to behavioural gaps with specific Training and Coaching recommendations identified in reports
  • Micro-learningcourses and other supporting resources to support behavioural development and growth areas
  • Personal Development Dashboards – supports personal development accountability
  • Reporting for individuals or merged comparison reports between teams, departments and organisation-wide
  • Broad reporting options


Once enrolled in the platform, participants will receive an invitation to undertake 96 questions (question are in English) that identify their current behavioural profile. The average completion timeframe for the profiling is 12 minutes.

Participants and other identified stakeholders are provided with reports that:

  • Are easy to interpret
  • provide detailed visual and text descriptions of behavioural strengths and areas for development
  • provide links to behavioural development e-learning courses, and supplementary learning resources

To engage participants in their ongoing learning journey and to provide them direct access to their (curated specifically for them) learning resources, we provide participants with a link to their own Personal Growth Dashboard which has an always up to date list of training recommendations for them and direct access to the resources to learn on-demand. The dashboard provides participants with dynamic progress updates, designed to build personal development accountability and a sense of ownership of their own development.

The Technical Information and Validity of the Process

The REACH Ecosystem is a capability and culture platform that measures behaviours, strengths and agility to adapt of individuals, leaders, teams and cultures. The assessments use three globally-normed, reliable assessment tools with a research database of over 70,000 assessments.

  • The tools are based on exceptional academic rigour led by Prof. R. Douglas Waldo over a 10-year period. From a reliability perspective the tools have a Cronbach alpha coefficient over .8 – well above the industry standard of .7 to be considered ‘reliable’. To provide relative context, the popular versions of DISC communication profiling range from .7 to .8.
  • REACH has the agility to adapt to different people, tasks and situations. Meta-analysis for REACH based studies across the world have demonstrated that higher REACH scores directly correlate to higher performance.
  • To support the growth of behaviours, the platform provides training needs analysis based on the self-assessment, 360’s and Culture surveys which in turn link to comprehensive resources to support the development.