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Bachelor in Leadership and Management

Internationally Recognised Degree

The Bachelor in Leadership & Management reflects the role of an individual currently working within a managerial role or preparing to move from a lower level leadership position to one that entails higher-level managerial skills, knowledge and behaviours. These persons apply specialised knowledge and skills, together with experience in leadership and management to lead and manage large teams or branches.

They use high-level and very well developed cognitive and communication skills to identify, analyse and synthesise information from a variety of sources and transfer their knowledge to others, and creative or conceptual skills to express ideas and perspectives or respond to complex problems.

Upon graduation, you will have a significant portfolio of evidence to demonstrate to an existing or potential employer, of what you have done and what you can do.

Course Structure & Details

Capability Development Cluster 1

Foundations of Leadership

4ELWL – Workplace Leadership
4ELWR – Developing effective workplace relationships
4ELCE – Communicating effectively



Capability Development Cluster 2

Foundations of Productivity

4ELCI – Supporting continuous improvement
4ELOP – Supporting Operational Plans
4ELTI – Developing personal and team innovation
4ELWD – Preparing Complex Workplace Documents



Capability Development Cluster3

Foundations of Diversity & Innovation

4ELDD – Developing diversity in a work team
4ELTI – Developing personal and team innovation
4ELWP – Developing and establishing work priorities



Capability Development Cluster 4

Leading Communication

5ELCT – Developing Influencing Communication Techniques
5ELSR – Communications Strategy Industry
5ELSC – Strategic Communication
5ELTP – Leading, Developing and Managing Work Team Performance



Capability Development Cluster 5

Leading Productivity

5ELDI – Developing, Implementing and Managing Operational Plan
5ELMR – Identifying and Managing Risks to Work Teams and the Organisation
5ELSW – Promote a safe work environment
5ELWM – Managing Efficient and Productive Workplace Meetings



Capability Development Cluster 6

People-Centred Leadership

5ELIL – The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
5ELLD – Leading, Developing and Managing Workplace Relationships
5ELRI – Supporting Recruitment, Selection and Induction
5ELWL – Encouraging Workplace Learning



Capability Development Cluster 7

Leading Planning

6ELSP – Strategic Planning
6ELHR – Human Resources Planning
6ELBP – Developing and Driving Business Plans
6ELFA – Financial and Asset Management



Capability Development Cluster 8

Leading Organisational Development

  • 6ELOC – Leading and Managing Organisational Change and Organisational Development
  • 6ELDD – Developing and Driving Diversity
  • 6ELER – Managing employee relations
  • 6ELLO – Leading across the organisation



Capability Development Cluster 9

Final Project

This final project requires candidates to apply the principles of the subjects studied in the Bachelor program to demonstrate the application of theory in a workplace environment through the full cycle of planning to implementation and continuous improvement

The entry requirements for our degree programs are as follows:

  • IELTS score of 6 or an acceptable equivalent,
  • Preferably a minimum of 2 years of workforce experience (This provides students with workplace environment context; however, it is not essential)

Adequate evidence of the above will required on submission of enrolment. The University of Applied Research & Development and their delivery partners reserve the right to interview applicants prior to the acceptance and to follow up with employers to verify work experience.

English Language Development – Options are available

Duration : 3 Years

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Our Internationally recognised Bachelor programs

$25,000 USD

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The Bachelor and Masters in Leadership and Management are internationally recognised degree programs accredited by the United Kingdom (UK) NOCN and One Awards – Be assured, your degree has meaning and value internationally. 7020ten manages the Leadership & Management faculty of UARD.

NOCN : NOCN is a United Kingdom Awarding Organisation licensed by Ofqual and One Awards is QAA approved to develop, endorse and award qualifications Levels 1 to 7

online degree programs
online degree programs

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