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Bachelor in Business

Internationally Recognised Bachelor in Business

Our three-year Bachelor of Business will equip you with the flexible skills needed to work in today’s small to large enterprises, using your expertise to help them thrive, grow and succeed in the 21st century. This degree is focused on developing business innovators and entrepreneurs of the future. Get set to take on highly skilled roles across a diverse range of industries – from agribusiness and logistics to tourism, professional services and the government.

In the first year you’ll gain a grounding in all the core areas of business, from accounting, economics and finance through to digital business, marketing, strategy and supply chain management, with a selection of courses gaining you an exit qualification at certificate level. Discover which career pathways you’re most passionate about, before specialising in up to two major subjects later on, with an exit qualification in year two at diploma level.

The Bachelor of Business will prepare you to play a crucial part in helping organisations run their operations in a responsible way, adapt to the needs of changing markets, and drive innovation processes to develop cutting-edge products or services. You’ll gain valuable insights into why companies need to be agile to survive in today’s 24/7 global marketplace, and how to use the latest digital technologies to make an organisation more profitable and efficient.

With the Bachelor of Business, you’ll develop the bold and curious mindset that today’s employers are looking for, with a good mix of analytical, financial, decision-making, teamwork, project management and communication skills.

Students who wish to gain specific knowledge in particular courses may choose to exit the bachelor programme with a certificate or diploma after gaining 60 credits at the appropriate level without completing the full bachelor degree.

Course Structure & Details

Capability Development Cluster 1 - ( 20 Points per subject )

4EBM - Economics for Business and Management

This subject offers insights into the behaviour of consumers, firms and the government within the economy, giving students skills in analysing and predicting the actions of individuals and businesses.

4ITF - Introduction to Finance

This subject introduces three core areas of finance – financial management,
investments, and capital markets and institutions. The paper also examines
applications of corporate finance concepts to personal finance.

Capability Development Cluster 2 - ( 20 Points per subject )

4IDB - Integrated Thinking - Digital Business and Supply Chain Management

This subject explores the dual concepts of digital business and supply chain management.

4FSM - Fundamentals of Successful Marketing

This subject focuses on the role of Marketing in business, introducing students to marketing research, consumer behaviour, and analysis, as essential tools for developing brand positioning strategies that create value.

Capability Development Cluster 3 - ( 20 Points per subject )

4ITM - Introduction to Management

This subject explores the world of management in organisations, the roles of managers and how they strategise, plan, organise, and motivate staff to achieve goals.

4HRM - Human Resource Management of Diversity and Inclusion

Global workforce demographic profiles have changed significantly due to a multitude of factors. This subject analyses the HRM implications of this diversity.

Capability Development Cluster 4 - ( 20 Points per subject )

5CAN - Conflict and Negotiation

This subject provides a foundation in conflict management in a variety of contexts and provides students with skills in leading negotiations in interpersonal, organisational, and multi-party settings.

5EES - Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Entrepreneurial ecosystems showcase the factors driving economic growth and sustainable development. Develop skills in evaluating the context for innovation and entrepreneurial growth, assessing entrepreneurial culture and applying innovation metrics.

Capability Development Cluster 5 - ( 20 Points per subject )

5CVC - Creating Value in a Connected World

We live in a highly connected world. This subject focuses on how to identify, analyse and manage flows between and among organisations to create economic and social value.

5CNV - Commercialising a New Venture

Explore the steps involved in starting and growing a new venture. Develop a comprehensive business plan and pitch your ideas to a panel of judges.

Capability Development Cluster 6 - ( 20 Points per subject )

5DBI - Doing Business Internationally

This subject explores the international dimensions of business that enable growth and provide new markets, but increase the complexities involved (e.g. scale, different regulations, cultures).

5OBH -Organisational Behaviour

The development of an understanding of organisations as living entities and an exploration of how individual and group behaviour, as well as organisation structure, affects organisational performance.

Capability Development Cluster 7 - ( 20 Points per subject )

6BSE - Business and Social Ethics

An examination of different theoretical arguments that underpin the ethical issues in business organisations. The subject has multiple dimensions and covers the ethical challenges and dilemmas faced by different stakeholders, and other issues relating to social ethics that may have a bearing on business. The emphasis is on practical issues relating to ethics and preparing students to deal with ethical challenges in managerial roles.

Capability Development Cluster 8 - ( 20 Points per subject )

6RMT - Research Methods

Developing an understanding of qualitative, quantitative, first and second-hand data collection, analysis and presentation tools

6REP - Research Ethics & Projects

The use of ethical tools such as plagiarism checkers, style guides and ethics applications as well as case study analysis and literature review strategies.

Capability Development Cluster 9 - Capstone Project - ( 60 Points per subject )


This final project requires candidates to apply the principles of the subjects studied in the Bachelor program to demonstrate the application of theory in a workplace environment through the full cycle of planning to implementation and continuous improvement.

It Provides students with the opportunity to apply their management discipline based knowledge to an authentic project within an organisation and the opportunity to complete a directed investigation of an approved topic relevant to an organisation or industry and in an area related to their management discipline of study.

The entry requirements for our degree programs are as follows:

  • IELTS score of 6 or an acceptable equivalent,
  • Preferably a minimum of 2 years of workforce experience (This provides students with workplace environment context; however, it is not essential)

Adequate evidence of the above will required on submission of enrolment. The University of Applied Research & Development and their delivery partners reserve the right to interview applicants prior to the acceptance and to follow up with employers to verify work experience.

English Language Development – Options are available

Duration : 3 Years

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The Bachelor and Masters in Leadership and Management are internationally recognised degree programs accredited by the United Kingdom (UK) NOCN and One Awards – Be assured, your degree has meaning and value internationally. 7020ten manages the Leadership & Management faculty of UARD.

NOCN : NOCN is a United Kingdom Awarding Organisation licensed by Ofqual and One Awards is QAA approved to develop, endorse and award qualifications Levels 1 to 7

online degree programs
online degree programs

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