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leadership degrees

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leadership degrees

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Internationally Recognised Online Degree Programs

leadership degrees

Welcome to your Leadership Degrees - Online Degree Programs

'We help you to Find your Future’

Through partnerships with international universities, we have expanded our online degree programs and are now able to offer the following boutique, personalised and meaningful, internationally recognised online Business and Leadership & Management degree programs:

Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor in Leadership and Management (BLM)
  • Bachelor in Business (BB)

Postgraduate Programs

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership & Management (PGCLM)
  • Masters in Leadership and Management (MLM)
  • MBA
  • Dual MLM +MBA
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


  • Micro-credentials (short courses) that contribute toward our degree programs
leadership degrees- online degree programs


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What Makes Us So Different

We offer a very personalised learning and development experience:

  • You will be supported every step of the way
  • You will have personalised access to executive development coaches, and English/Academic support tutors
  • You will not be lost in the crowd – You matter to us


To support the personal and professional development of all students, included in their tuition fees are the following:

1Getting to know you – we really care about your success, and the first step is to get you know who you are and how best we can support you. We do this by:

a. Speaking with you and listening to what is important to you

Benefits for you – yes, we wish to have an actual conversation with every one of our prospective and current students to learn why and how you wish to study so together we can design the best possible learning experience.

leadership degrees- online degree programs

     b. Profiling – through a series of profiling tools, we identify and benchmark your core characteristics and behaviours. Why is this important to you?

Benefits for you: Your characteristics and behavioural choices determine how successful you can be as a leader. Once understood, we help you to leverage these to make better decisions and to grow your leadership and management capability to reach extraordinary levels of leadership.

2. Behavioural development just for you

Benefits for you: based on your individual profile, we provide you with specific, curated behavioural development content; micro-learning and other self-directed activities that rapidly grow your behavioural competence. Your leadership confidence and competence will be noticeable to you and everyone.

3. Executive Coaching Sessions.Each student will receive up to 6 x 1hr coaching sessions per year with an accredited coach as part of their degree program studies.

Benefits for you: Executive coaching provides you with an opportunity to:

  • interact 1-on-1 with a professional business coach
  • Speak confidentially about your leadership development
  • Build your leadership competence and receive feedback on your leadership performance

4. English/academic/business language support. Our students are international, and have differing levels of English and business language confidence and capability.

Benefits for you: To ensure we hear your message loud and clear, and support your leadership speaking and writing confidence and competence, we provide unlimited access to an English/Academic language counsellor to review and provide guidance on your submitted materials, and to just have a conversation.

5. Competence Portfolios When you are asked in an interview for that perfect job, how have you identified, analysed, developed, led etc, we want you to answer without hesitating and provide real-life, extraordinary examples that leave your interviewers in no doubt you are the best candidate for that job.The structure of our degree programs blends foundational theory (appropriate to the level of study being undertaken) with practical outcomes.

Benefits for you: Upon graduation, you will have a significant portfolio of evidence to demonstrate to an existing or potential employer,  what you have done and what you can do.




Choose your online degree program by downloading the course brochure : information here.  Make sure to check the entry requirements listed on your chosen online degree program.

Do you need help with choosing a program or unsure about entry requirements?

Contact our Education Counsellors by submitting this Enquiry Form or  click schedule an Appointment to book a free consultation.

If you have studied at another college or university, you may be eligible for a credit transfer towards your new academic program with us.

For more information, kindly contact us at  or click Enquire Now


You will receive a Letter of Offer with the stated requirements for entry into your program.

Within 7 days of receipt, you will need to sign the Letter of Acceptance and send it back, together with the required documents and agreed program fees.

You will receive notification of your orientation workshop where your learning journey begins. It’s that easy.

Scholarships are available. Please contact our Education Counsellors for further information – click here


leadership degrees- online degree programs
leadership degrees- online degree programs